Human Machine Interface System

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Motor & Controller for haptic steering wheel

The motor & controller for haptic steering wheel are devices that are interlocked with ADAS, and warn of danger through the vibration of the steering wheel in the event of detecting lane departure or blind spot danger.
* ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance System

Heating pad & Controller for heated steering wheel

The heating pad & controller for heated steering wheel are devices that generate heat in the steering wheel to improve driver’s convenience.

Intelligent battery sensor

The IBS is a device that detects the current, voltage, and temperature of a battery, calculates the state-of-charge, the state-of-aging, the use current, and the starting current, and provides necessary information via LIN.
* LIN: Local Interconnect Network

USB charger (external)

The USB charger is a device to support high-speed charging (QC 2.0) and power supply for electronic devices via USB.

Cigarette lighter

The cigarette lighter is a convenience device for smokers.

Power outlet

The power outlet is a convenience device that supplies power to electric devices.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Material) battery cap

The AGM battery cap is a device that controls the inner pressure of a battery reliably and reduces water evaporation and electrolyte leakage, thereby lengthening battery life.